ARRT Plans

Volume I

The Alaska Federal and State Preparedness Plan for Response to Oil and Hazardous Substance Discharges and Releases.

Link to Unified Plan
(Updated Jan 2010)

The Subarea Contingency Plans (SCPs).

Prince William Sound

Southeast Alaska

Kodiak Island

Cook Inlet

North Slope


Bristol Bay


Northwest Arctic

Western Alaska

(Sep2011) (34 KB PDF)

Geographic Response Strategies (GRSs)
(Link to ADEC's Website with links to developments in each Subarea)

Maps of the Subareas
(Link to ADNR's Website for General Use, Land Management, Environmentally Sensitive Index (ESI), and Biologically Sensitive Maps)


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      Planning Initiatives & Pending Change 4 Updated Documents and Other Related Documents:

  Alaska's 229 Federally Recognized Tribes -
      Contact List by AK Subarea
        267 KB PDF - dated April 2010)
  Dispersants - Alaska Information Needs Report
(Dispersant Information Needs Work Group draft report
of 30-Sep-04 in pdf)
  Alaska Incident Management System (AIMS) Guide
(Revision 1 - November 2002)
  Alaska's approach to developing Geographic Response Strategies (GRSs) -
IOSC 2003 Paper  (180 KB PDF)

  National Programmatic Agreement   (Link to ACHP's website)


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